New Method To Bypass iCloud Lock on ANY iPhone for FREE

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In case you are or you know someone who is having a hard time dealing with the iCloud Activation lock problem on his iPhone then you will be happy to learn that it is possible to resolve this issue without putting a lot of effort or spending money.

The iCloud Account problem can happen to anyone, for example, your device can get stolen, lost or you may accidentally forget your login credentials. There are a lot of reasons why the lock can happen, but unfortunately, there are not many solutions, but only one.

The real reason on why your iPhone is currently locked and the activation screen block is denying you access to your data is of no importance to us. We are focused on bringing the best services to the users and ensuring that the annoying issue will be resolved on a permanent basis.


And luckily we have one effective software program which can resolve any iPhone device regardless of the model or the broadband in use. To make things even better, our software tool is free and you do not need to spend money to use it. In addition, there is no need to send your iPhone directly to us because the procedure can be conducted online, from your home. 

Official guideline and instructions for iCloud Account

Before we get started, I would like to inform you that there are 2 methods which can be used to avoid the lock on your iPhone. The first method which many people consider to be the standard one requires from the iPhone owner to bring the device to an official Apple store.

During the check at the store, you must present an ownership proof, i.e. the original invoice or valid warranty so you can confirm that you are the real owner of the iPhone and to verify that it is not stolen or reported as lost.

In case you can meet this criterion, for small Road unlock fee, Apple will remove the activation screen lock on your iPhone and will return it to the original factory settings state. After that, you can create a new Apple ID and password and start normally using the device once again.

However, even though this method is great and gets the job done right in a legal and verified manner, still it is understandable that there are many people who cannot go along with this method.

The reasons for this are few and are not important. What is important is to learn whether there is an alternative solution to this issue and whether it is worth trying it.

Official Methods to resolve iCloud Problems for any iPhone

In case you cannot use Apple’s services to skirt the iCloud lock, then do not worry because we have another method which will help you get over this. Our Road iCloud service is highly popular among the iOS society because it is available for free, it is really effective and is perfectly safe to use.

It has been released for public use just recently and so far has proven to be the number one alternative method for bypassing the activation screen lock on any Apple device.

Everything that you need to do will be explained here. The complete procedure is very simple and easy and you can do it from anywhere you like.

  • To get started you need to click on our server links which will redirect you to the official Service page HERE.
  • Next, you will have to complete an online form, providing some basic data such as the IMEI code of your iPhone, the model, and whether it is clean or blocked.
  • Once we have received your info, our team will connect to the official database of Apple and with the IMEI code of your iPhone will bypass the locked iCloud account.
  • Once the old account is successfully deleted, you can add a new account with the new password which you will be able to safely use to access your device.

This is a really effective method and works for any iPhone model including 11 Pro, Max, XS, X, 8 Plus, 7, 6S, 6.

You cannot make a mistake if you decide to use the service tool. We have helped a lot of people to fix the activation lock issue and we are certain we will do the same for you. Road now!!!

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