Top 5 Working Methods to Bypass iCloud Account on iPhone

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It is not a secret that most of us are trying to learn the secret of how to properly bypass the iCloud activation lock. As you may have noticed there are thousands of iPhone owners who diligently search on the internet for reliable and working road method that will successfully remove the iCloud activation lock. It is well known that anybody who has iCloud locked iPhone is having big problems coping with this issue. Still, the latest findings and developments of new software tools have brought us some effective programs that might be capable of resolving this problem.

A lot of reasons exist on why your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch handset may become iCloud locked and blocked by the activation screen. It is no rocket science to understand that this problem can happen to anybody. Sometimes it happens due to the simplest reason for forgetting your own Apple ID or password, but in other cases, this may occur due to the iPhone being lost or stolen. Anyway, it is not important why your handset got blocked by the activation screen, but in contrary, what is important is to learn how to deal with this and how to successfully avoid the activation screen lock and remove the restriction.

New Methods

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Unfortunately, in the past, the users were not properly informed about this problem and there were not enough online services which could’ve to help them overcome this problem. In the end, a lot of people were left with no other option but to get rid of their devices because they were rendered useless.
This is the main reason why you must gather any info regarding the detour iCloud lock services and see which one is actually working.

So far the users have reported that only two methods are capable of bringing back the device to the state it was before it was iCloud locked.

  1. The first method is really simple and by many norms, it is considered to be the default one.
  2. You need to bring the iCloud locked device to the closest Apple Store and ask the department clerks to try to fix your device and remove the activation cloud lock.
  3. You may be charged a small amount of money for this but it is guaranteed that it will work.
  4. However, the trick here lies in the fact that the user must provide ownership evidence, i.e. a valid warranty as well as the original receipt from the iPhone.
  5. In this case, the user can confirm that the device is not stolen, lost or barred.

But there is a problem with this because so many people cannot afford to purchase brand new iPhone handsets and them opt-in for getting old and used ones at much cheaper prices.
Most of these devices are purchased by second-hand retailers or via internet stores and the users are not provided with receipts.
And in case the iCloud lock issue happens, you will be unable to provide ownership proof and ask Apple to skirt the activation screen lock.

Alternative Bypass iCloud method

But do not worry; even if you cannot go with the first method and use Apple’s services to circumvent your handset, there is still another different procedure which can help you return your iPhone to the state it was before it got blocked.
You can do this with our services which is available online here.
This tool works for any iPhone 11 Pro Max, XR, XS, X, 8, 7, 6S Plus 6 5S regardless of the broadband and the iOS version.

The biggest advantage of this service is probably the fact that you do not need to send your device anywhere; there is absolutely no need to download special software tools or to use hacking programs.

All that the user has to do is to fill in an online application form and provide some basic info about the iCloud locked device such as the IMEI code of the handset, the model and the country from which it was purchased.

After you have successfully completed the application, our online Bypass service will complete the ICloud unlock procedure in a really short time.
You will be prompted via email once the job is complete and you will be provided with info on how to create a new iCloud account and new password which you will be using once the bypass is completed.


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