Learn how to Avoid iCloud Account Locking [5-Steps]

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Do you need help with the problem of iCloud lock and how to use the removal service? Have you been searching over the internet for possible solutions? Nowadays many people are forced to endure the difficulties which the iCloud lock restriction imposes. And it is well known that the number of permanently locked iPhone devices is increasing every single day which makes the problem even worse. On top of that, there is not enough info on how to properly deal with this.

As of lately the emergence of some new and revolutionary methods have indicated that there might be light at the end of the tunnel and have rekindled the hope which many users have previously lost when it comes to removing the iCloud lock from their Apple device, mostly because at this moment there are tons of unverified and non-working programs .

Why my iPhone is iCloud locked?

The reasons vary but in most cases, the lock occurs due to the inability of the iPhone user to provide the proper iCloud ID or password. In some cases, this can be due to the fact that the handset got stolen or lost, but there are reported cases of iCloud locked iPhone because the owner simply has forgotten his login credentials.

Anyway, at this moment we are not concerned about why exactly the lock has occurred in the first place, but about the possible lock removal solutions and suggested methods.

Before we get started we would like to point out that every user needs to make a clear distinction between the perfectly working services and the fraudulent ones.

Official iCloud lock removal solution

You must know that currently there are two functional methods which can help you remove the iCloud lock on your iPhone.

Both methods are different and have a different set of requirements.

Method 1:

The number one method is a service which we like to call the “default one”. This is the case because this service is provided by Apple exclusively.

The sets of requirements for this method are complicated. In order to qualify, every user must meet certain criteria. First of all, it is important that you still keep the original invoice from the store where you have purchased your iPhone and you also need to have a valid warranty.

In case you still have your original invoice and warranty, then you will not have problems to go to the nearest Apple Store and to ask the technicians there to remove the iCloud activation lock on your iPhone.

This method is 100% effective but it costs money.

Method 2

It is logical to accept the fact that you should be using Apple’s services to fix your iPhone in case something goes wrong, but unfortunately, many users simply cannot meet the strict criteria which Apple requires. This is the case because there are a lot of people who have bought their handsets from unofficial second-hand retailer, internet shop sites or acquaintances.

Anyway, in case you cannot provide official ownership proof and you cannot ask Apple to remove the iCloud lock on your iPhone, then you should reconsider using the alternative method.

This means that you will be using a special software tool which was developed by Apple’s team of experts. Do not worry because this tool is safe for use and is very popular among the iOS society.

This tool is verified and is confirmed to remove the iCloud lock in a matter of hours. 

Remove the iCloud Lock with the official tool

  • Step 1: Press this link here to visit the official website of the iCloud Remover tool.
  • Step 2: Open the online application form and complete the empty fields with the necessary info. Press Confirm.
  • Step 3: Wait a few moments while your request is processed. The entire procedure may take up to several hours, and once it is finished you will be informed via email.
  • Step 4: After you have received the confirmation email that your iPhone’s iCloud lock has been removed, create a new iCloud account and add a new password
  • Step 5: Using your newly created account, log in to iCloud to confirm the lock removal.

Once you have successfully logged in to iCloud, the activation screen lock will be Avoid on a permanent basis and you will be able to use your iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS, X, 8 Plus, 7, 6S, 6 and iPod touch normally once again.

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